dog with chew toy

Best Chew Toys for Large Dogs

Durable Toys for “Jaws O’ Death” Dawgs When you have big dogs, with powerful jaws and big teeth, it is essential to learn which toys will stand up to the punishment they can dish out. It’s a lot cheaper to buy chew toys than it is to refinish furniture or replace shoes. Finding dog toys…


The original red Kong.

The Kong Chew Toy, Great for Your Dog

All puppies and even adult dogs can get curious. Are you always telling your dog “NO” because it’s found satisfaction in chewing your favorite shoe or wooden chair leg? It’s a common problem with puppies. Puppies begin teething at around two to three months of age and will then start to shed their baby teeth…


Dog playing with a dog toy

Top Dog Toys

If you are a dog owner like me, you’ve been through your fair share of different kinds of toys. My two-year-old Taiwan dog has a particular skill for de-stuffing and destroying even the toughest of puppy toys. It’s taken countless trips to the pet store, and multiple types of toys to finally discover the top…


Dog Bike Trailer

The DoggyRide Bike Trailer is a dog bike trailer with a smooth design and cool black accents that look real sharp. This system comes completely packed with high-end family pet mat, kickstand, and cargo roofing rack. This will provide your pet ultimate, cool experience ride. It is made from lightweight products and large wheels making…